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NEW: 2021 Canadian Amateur Football Rules Changes Video and PDF

Football Canada and the CFOA have approved and released the amateur football rules changes for the 2021 season. This 20-minute video expands on some of the most important changes via a Q and A session with Football Canada Rules Interpreter and Editor Walter Berry, as well as text, diagrams and highlighted video clips.

The video is designed to be used in conjunction with the attached PDF (see below) which details ALL the rules changes. The video focuses on some of the most significant, and important.

Download: 2021 Rules Changes PDF.

CFOA Rules Presentations:

The 2020 Amateur Football Rule Book has been released, and with that comes changes to the definitions and applications of some rules. These presentations (with accompanying audio) are a new initiative by the Canadian Football Officials Association and offer more detail on the rule changes, applications and scenarios. They also provide background on the perspective and philosophy for the application of many other rules, which can improve your understanding of how they should be enforced and administered when you are on the field.

IMPORTANT: In order to experience the multi-media features embedded in the Rules Presentations, they need to be downloaded to your own device. To view the files on your iPhone or Android with the commentary, you need to have the PowerPoint app (the files are PowerPoint Show files with audio), which can be downloaded from the app store. Many of the presentations also contain video, images, charts and simulations. Our thanks to the CFOA Rules Committee members across the country for their efforts.

New presentations will be added as they become available. Each link takes you an archived version of the files. Again: you can preview the text simply by clicking the link, but must download the file in order to experience the video, animations and other features.

NOTE: French versions of all presentations are available via the CFOA Rules link.

  1. Blindside Block (2020)

  2. Blocking Below the Waist (New Ruling as of 2020)

  3. Catch or No Catch (2020)

  4. Crack Back Blocking (2020)

  5. Defenceless Posture - Player in a Defenceless Posture (2020)

  6. Delayed Knee Block - (2020)

  7. Hands to the Face - Illegal Block UR (2020)

  8. Holding - 6 Types of Holding (2020)

  9. Horse Collar Grasping - UR (2020)

  10. Inadvertent Whistle (2020)

  11. Loose Ball Interference (2020)

  12. Pass Interference (2020)

  13. Protection of the Kicker (2020)

  14. Roughing the Passer (2020)

  15. Targeting - Rough Play Ejection (2020)

  16. Tourist Hits - UR (2020)

  17. Wedge Block (Illegal as of 2020 - New Ruling)


Unlike the more in-depth rules presentations above which contain multi-media files, the annual rules changes presentations are text files only. They can be previewed in their entirety by clicking the appropriate links, or they can be downloaded for future reference.

2020 CFOA Approved Rules Changes (Will appear in 2020-21 CFOA Rule Book for Tackle Football)

2019 CFOA Approved Rules Changes