The EOTFOA hosted its first Virtual Recruiting Night in January. Check out this edited video of the event to learn more about being a football official: What is it like to be on the field? What can I expect? What is expected of me? Hear from young Officials, female Officials, and those who've moved up to the highest levels of Canadian football. The presentation is about 55 minutes.

Are you:

  • Interested in getting involved in the sport? Seeing it from a new perspective?

  • A player or coach that wants to continue their involvement in the game?

  • Interested in something that will push you and challenge you to improve yourself?

  • Interested in contributing back to the community, as a role model to younger players?

  • Interested in improving and maintaining your fitness?

  • Interested in the flexibility of your own schedule for setting your availability?

We're always looking for a few good men and women who have a passion for the game of football to join us and become on-field tackle football officials.


Check out the short video below. It's an American video, but the topics are very relevant in Canada. Have a watch, and see if it might catch your interest.

Officials that show a mastery of fitness, judgement, decision-making, and leadership, can work their way up the amateur levels of play to the top tiers of Canadian football at University Sports or even the CFL.

Caught your interest? Have a question? Drop us a line!


Additional EOTFOA Recruiting Videos

Embedded here are two pre-recorded sessions for the EOTFOA Virtual Recruiting Night in January, 2021. Making it to the Top is an interview with CFL Official Marty Carreau, discussing what it takes to reach the pinnacle of the game as an Official.

Women in Officiating is just that, an interview with present and former EOTFOA female Officials, discussing their experiences on the field and within the fraternity of football Officials.

These versions are extended, unedited recordings. The versions which appear in the Virtual Recruiting Night were edited for length to fit the format of the event.