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Event: Be a Ref: Virtual Recruiting Night

Date: Tuesday, January 12, 2021
Time: 7:30 - 8 p.m. (Followed by Open Question-and-Answer session)
Open to: Anyone interested in Officiating, or learning what it takes to be an Official.
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Details: If you have ever considered becoming a tackle football Official, or are curious about what it would entail, this session is for you! We will have a number of our Officials speaking to various topics in a casual format, similar to a fireside chat.


  • What is an Official, from an Official's perspective.

  • The expectations EOTFOA has for our Officials, and for Officials who want to progress to higher levels of football.

  • What the EOTFOA provides to our Officials for development and to assist them in improving.

  • Women in Officiating:

    • Several female Officials will talk about what it is like to Officiate, what it means to be involved in the game, why they enjoy it, and more.

  • Players who have transitioned into officiating:

    • Two of our younger members who have recently transitioned from playing to Officiating will discuss what surprised them about Officiating, how being a player is helping them become better Officials, and opportunities to progress.

  • Development as an Official:

    • Several USports Officials will talk about what it takes to succeed, their paths into the university game, and how to market oneself to make it to the second-highest level of football in Canada. The conversation will include mastering the fundamentals, chasing the "perfect game", approaches to the game, repetitions/routines, and more.

    • One of the EOTFOA's CFL Officials will chat about his path to the professional ranks, what it takes to get there, and then to stay. And what it is like to work a Grey Cup game.

After the program we will open the floor for general questions and chatting.