Becoming a Football Official

Do you have what it takes to become an official in one of Canada's premiere and busiest football communities? Then why not join the EOTFOA? It's easy and it's fun!

Our officials should act as role models with a vested interest in ensuring fair play, player safety, sportsmanship, and contribute to the growth of the game.

Personal Qualities & Skills

Do you have any of the skills below?
  • Leadership;
  • Decision-making; and
  • Physical ability
If you are not a master of all three, do not worry! You will be given training and be given opportunities to develop as you go. As you officiate games, you will have the opportunity to hone, refine, and demonstrate your ability in the above skills.

How and Where To Get Started

Interested? It's easy to get started. Just contact our recruiting (below or Contact Us) to get started.

Climb the Ladder

The EOTFOA will ensure you are provided with all required training and material to get you started on the field. Some of these items do carry a cost, but will be offset by game fees. What you do with the opportunities presented are up to you.

Beginning with minor football and high school, if you show skill, fitness, and potential, you will have the opportunity to move to higher level games. Given time, assignments, initiative, and training, the only limit to how high you can go is you.

You can elect to work as little or as much as you like, but the more you work the quicker you'll progress.

In addition to on-field officiating, our association also provides indispensable minor crews to many of the leagues we serve. Minor crews include stick crews, timers, and ball boys. These are great avenues to become part of the team, get involved in the game and learn about officiating all without being on the field!

Contact us Today!

Got your interest? Why not contact us today? Dedicated men and women are needed in Canada's sport officiating programs and football here in Ottawa is no exception. You have what it takes. The time to begin is now. Contact us and kick off your career as a football official.

Go ahead. Make your first call!